About Us

Talāyee Fine Jewelry is owned and operated by Shermineh Ghane. Based in San Francisco, this brand was born from the need to offer beautiful and unique fine jewelry inspired by Ancient Persian tradition and design. Her focus is bespoke and limited production jewelry that features materials sourced and handled ethically and sustainably. Shermineh imagines that the Talāyee customer is anyone who wants to celebrate themselves or loved ones with heirloom style pieces that are made thoughtfully.

Talāyee, pronounced tah-lah-ee, translates to "Golden" from the Farsi Language. Shermineh, an Iranian-American, wanted to honor her familial and cultural heritage with this brand. You will see designs that offer a gentle nod to artifacts and items that are significant within the Persian culture. Each piece has a story and inspiration behind it that can be traced back to Persian Culture.

Other than our one-of-a-kind or vintage solid gold and sterling silver jewelry, all styles are made to order with thoughtfully sourced materials. This ensures that excess waste and material usage is not being created by supplying in-stock inventory. All items are made with 14K solid yellow gold or sterling silver so that you can have the confidence that the piece will not only last your lifetime, but can be passed onto future generations.

We cannot wait to see how you wear your Talāyee pieces!