Can Gold Jewelry Get Wet?

Can I wear my gold jewelry at the beach? Can I wear my gold jewelry while swimming? Can I wear my gold jewelry at the pool? These are questions I hear all the time, so let me answer it all for you!

A great rule to always follow to make any of your jewelry last as long as possible, is to wear it with care. That means, take your jewelry off if you are going to workout, clean, or do anything that can physically damage your jewels.

When it comes to jewelry getting wet in general, like washing your hands, showering, swimming in untreated water, yes, solid gold can get wet. Gold plated jewelry on the other hand, shouldn't get wet, as it can compromise the thin gold layer on top of the base metal.

Things get a bit trickier when it comes to the pool. While pure 24k gold is indestructible, most gold jewelry, is mixed with other metals. That's what gives your karat weight (10k-22k) jewelry it's durability, color, and shine. Those metals will react to chlorine, which is what keeps pools sanitary. When gold is exposed to chlorine, microscopic bubbles will form, weakening the metal. If your jewelry happens to have gems that are held by prongs, those prongs will weaken, break, and you will lose your stone. Best practice is to keep all jewelry out of a pool.

So, yes, your gold jewelry can get wet, with water and mild soap, however, when it comes to anything harsher, like pool water, cleaning materials, etc, keep your jewels away!

can you wear your gold jewelry in the pool?